Saturday, November 15, 2008

Raise up your glasses to my big ole fat writers block, please.
That's right, when have you not heard me have something to say..
Nothing has happened this week in my world.
I sleep, I do laundry, I get kids ready for school and daycare, I throw them a pop tart, I run to the post office, the Dollar General, the bank and pick up the necessary things at the Pig. To work I go, then I rearrange, wait on customers, clean up the back room, pack items for the church's yard sale , that's today. I try to finalize the class I am teaching at Scrap Mania, that's today. I spend Tuesday at the ER with Mom, inner ear. Hubby worked late all week, miss him. Basketball practice on Wednesday night. All the time creating for Jerri's Jingling Jubilee. That's in December.
So nothing is exciting, or earth rattling.
So I have writer block.
So raise your glass, or coffee cup to a un- write-able week.

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jennifer said...

Ha! Welcome to You Tube posts!

I think it happens to everyone. I know it does to me. That is why when something goofy hits I write it down immediately and save it in my drafts. That is what that post about the bathroom was... a post that I had saved and decided it would be perfect for the Glamorous Meme.

Be thankful for the mundane. That means that scary, bad, worrisome things aren't happening.