Sunday, November 23, 2008

It is time for Jerri's Jingling Jubilee!
So put your jingle on and join me.
Just e-mail me .
Sunday December 7th @ 2.
We will complete 10 paper craft items.
one below....
Only 4 spaces left. As you know, we have been decoration for the Open House.

A friend brought a tree, helped me set it up and I stared at it for over a week.Then I went to a yard sale.
Bought a box or Christmas items.
All I saw was red balls on top.

But in the bottom of the box was patriotic items,
so I went with it .
What do you think?

1 comment:

jennifer said...

WAAAAAH! I wanna see it in person!!! WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH!

So sorry for the toddler fit. I miss you and the store. It's been AGES since I went to an antiques store and bought anything.