Thursday, December 28, 2006

It is all over, except the packing up.
Tree went out on Tuesday to make room for the 6 foot ball pit that "SANTA" brought.
Next time read the package for size, okay.
Ham still in the fridge, a few Christmas cookies and we didn't even bother to make Christmas fudge this year.
I went to find the perfect pair of black slacks on Tuesday afternoon.
Oh my goodness, I refused to pay $47.00 for them.
So I went to Cato and got 2 shirts and the perfect pair of black slacks for $47.00.
Back to work on Wednesday, with all my new scrapbooking goodies.
Not too busy, so I got to red new books and play with my new stuff.
Still have one more "HOLIDAY" party tonight.
No gift, No pressure, just good fellowship.
The few day between Christmas and New Years seem so slow paced.
Kinda nice for a change.
Enjoy your week.

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