Sunday, December 31, 2006

It is 4 p.m on New Years Eve, the house is quite for the first time since before Thanksgiving.
I am home alone.
And I love it.
What should I do?
I need to mop the kitchen....
I need to clean my scrap space....
I need to ........Listen to only the pecking of the keys of the computer.
I need to listen to the lovely silence.
I want to wish each one of you silence when you need it,
noise when you want it,
and inspiration for the new year.
Start the new year off with a scrapbook page.
My idea is to....Document time tonight. Starting at 5 p.m till midnight.
Take pictures if you want, or just document the next 7 hours.
The 7 hours leading into 2007.
Can't wait to see your pages.

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