Sunday, October 02, 2011

Junk Swap
Hosted by the Funky Junky Chicks

Your invited to A Junk Swap
Sponsored 2 funky junky chicks and friends
One woman’s JUNK is another women’s Treasure
October 15th, 2011 @ 1:00 pm sharp
@ Berry Mountain School House
As you know we love our “JUNK”.
So let me tell you What this swap is all about?
We all have stuff and we, as women tend to change our mind,
some of us quite often.
So we will bring our stuff and put it in a big pile ….. And then we get to go shopping for treasures from the pile!
If you bring 10 items, then you get 10 clothes pins to go shopping with.
If you bring 7 items you get 7 clothes pins, ( got it?)
This started from a blog we stalk that does this semi annually.
But we are going to have a little twist .
We are asking for a $5.00 donation from each of you to given a different charity annually, this time we will
Be donating  to
 Cleveland Elementary School.
This will be a fun way to shop with out spending alot of  money, enjoy some yummy food, and send your loved - used treasures to a new happy home, while meeting new friends and helping out people who need it!!!!
The most important rules are as follows:
Up to 10 items can be brought per person. Items can be used, old or new,
You get the idea, right?
Items need to be loved but cared for.
All items will be placed together then we will shop by placing clothes pins on the items we hope to take home. If items get more than one pin, there will be a drawing….this will be exciting!
At the end of the swap, you may leave your unwanted items to be donated to Hope House.
If you would like to join us please let Tonya or Jerri know, so we will have enough clothes pins and Yummy food ! ! ! !
Jerri wood *205-527-9024
Tonya Hadder * 205- 790-2330

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