Monday, March 29, 2010

Vendor Spotlight
These pictures come from Linda's booth.
As many, Linda started out with renting a bookcase.
They rent for about $10.00 a month and anyone can come up with enough goodies to fill one.
Then she got bit by this wonderful bug.
Call junkin.
Now Linda has a big booth and also carries fabric.
Our Walmart as well as many others have discontinued the fabric department.
( big mistake)
Pardon this post for a brief announcement-
Walmart swoops into these small towns and we are so happy to have a huge one stop shopping center until all the small businesses close because they are run out by Walmart.
We no longer have a fabric store in Oneonta. So thank you Walmart for taking that away.
Climbing off my soap box.
Now we will continue this post
We have a small section of fabric in beautiful colors.
I bought these to make a quilt, I don't quilt but they were so darn pretty together.
Anyway, Linda had been with me for many years and is now a close friend. She has her own taste in goodies as we all do.

So come on in and see what she has in store for you.
She also creates one of a kind items, she is a very talented crafter.
Most of her items are made in the USA.
And she is proud of it.
We should all be.
Alittle step onto that soap box again.
So join me again next week for another
Vendor Spotlight.

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