Monday, March 22, 2010

Vendor Spotlight
"Barbara June"

Barbara started out with me 4 years ago when I opened the shop. One of only a few. She also has one f the largest booths in the shop. She is a JUNKER from way back. She enjoys going to Thrift stores and Antique shops to find the unusual. She creates and re-purposes items to grab your attention.

Do you see what the mirror is sitting on?
It is a holder for your hose pipe.
It make a wonderful easel.

Don't you just love these cross stitch roses?
So bold and bright.

Barbara is a very talented decorator.
And my crime and partner when it comes decorating the different sections of the store.
We find a look we like and try and re-create it.
It is alot of fun. So remember to enlarge the pictures to see all her goodies .

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Barbara is LEGEND when it comes to decorating and finding awesome items for her booth. That is a beautiful picture of her!