Thursday, December 17, 2009

There is a local park in our area, that lets people decorate
" In Memory" displays.
Or local business will decorate.
It has become a Christmas Tradition to take the boys to see the lights.
This snowman was made from metal. Cool!
Grandson #2 wanted to walk alittle, even thought it is designed to drive thur.
He had to stand all the decorations that had fallin from the wind.

So we took this opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Once wasn't enough, so we let the top down and went again.
Once more around the park, my good man!

Some of the decorations are outstanding!

This was our favorite.
Some more work went into this one.
I think it was hand painted.


jennifer said...

We drove through Saturday night. We HAD to - it's tradition :) There was more this year than last year I think. And your favorite was our favorite too.

I forgot my camera though :(

JennV said...

How Stinkin' SWEET that he wanted to put all the blown over decos back upright! That boy is definitely a keeper!