Monday, October 19, 2009

We had another busy week at our house.
My daughter planned and organized at Mardi Gras Party for a bunch of 13 year olds.
And it was a hit!
Cold but a Hit!
Wouldn't you know that the weather would change and turn cold.
But do you think the 40 + preteens, felt the cold?
No and it was a great time for all.
Happy Birthday Seana and Jarica
Now it is time to clean up. So enjoy the photos while we plan a Harvest Carnival at the church October 31st.

The candy Buffet was my idea and it was a hit too.
Who doesn't like candy?

Don't you love the huge mask made from a dryer box. She painted it and used Christmas garland, from the thrift store. All 9 -cost about $10.00.

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jennifer said...

What fun! I really like the idea of a candy table. I may have to try that one day.

40+ preteens... you are not only hospitable, but BRAVE! LOL!