Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I found this little diddy on e-bay ( I think) made out of coin wrapper. Nice little album for Quotes or Journaling a special event.

As many of you know I also took off Tuesdays during the Summer, along with my usual Sunday and Mondays, to get caught up and relax. Well, all good things must come to a end. And yesterday was my last Tuesday. I don't think I accomplished alot on my days off but I was always ready to go back to the shop on Wednesday.

Well, the supplies are bought, new school clothes have been purchased, shoes too. We met the teacher, took all the supplies, seen his desk and had a hair cut. Forms are still to be filled out, but tomorrow is the day. And nothing will keep grandson#1 from starting 4th grade tomorrow.

I will make sure of that !!!!!!

Busy ! Busy! Busy! I am hosting a Baby Shower/ Ice Cream Social on Sunday afternoon. The new mom is having contraction, I have bought everything you can think of to top ice cream. Ready and waiting.

Decorations are simple and fun, check out Martha's web site for folded paper bowls. I found lot's of ideas there.

All that colored vellum, I bought and have not used, I have cut into circles and will lay them on the white table cloth for a polka-dot effect. I will take pictures.

So I promised her a scrapbook, hope to get started on it today at the shop. Let's see today is Wednesday and shower is Sunday. (5 days)

Wish me luck, it wouldn't hurt to ask the man upstairs to give me energy, and ideas....

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