Monday, July 16, 2007

We have been to auctions the last two weekend and I have no camera to show all the goodies. Camera is only 3 months old and is at the shop, more on this subject later.
But I will try and tell you about all my treasures.
I seem to buy in trends, like some days are bottle days or wooden boxes. Two Saturdays ago it was a paper day. Old pictures, old letters from the 1800's, news paper articles, maps, and ledger paper. A old playpen that I see as a set of corner shelves. I will take before and after pictures of this one. It was a good day. This Saturday, was a good day too. I got old vintage Valentines, a box of trim for altered projects and a old handmade wagon toy. I got 3 bookshelves for $5.00 each and a old primitive green potting table. I always go crazy over paper items and old black and whites. I even sometimes sell them in the store.
It has been really busy around here this summer and it looks like this next months is no different. Stay Tuned.

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