Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I thought when DD and family moved, I would start in re-decorating ASAP. But
as reality sets in I am slower.
I have started in my front room.
I liked Dee's pics of her house and the play room. This is my take on that  idea.
Still in progress.
I am still buying for the bathroom redo and waiting for hubby to do what he needs to do.
I have started painting my grandmothers china cabinet.  Only time will tell.
I am getting in the mood, now to get Hubby in the mood.


bccrumb said...

well jerri ,i can give you a hint i saw a lime green quilt, i want that thing so you would not belive what i've promised to do .i have no shame .so use your god given abitlty and do something .haha

bccrumb said...
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