Sunday, March 04, 2012

 Happy Weekend Everyone!
I have had a spark of creativity, and with Barbara B idea, I made
a Dry Creek Friend album.
Will you make the cut?
There are sweet people that comes by every once in awhile just to check on me.
These are the friends I want in this book.
I enjoy our talks and can truly call them a friend.

 I think I like this shelf unit.
Oh, if I had the space and the crates, I know I could fill it up!
I have 3 of these shelf's that are on my wall and hold all the sea shells , shell jewelry, "7" cause we have that many people in our family,  ect and I always have to spell out my name cause it is never spelled right.
I love these little shelf's and filling them up. The  Art with 50 on it , was a gift from Marion, on my 50th. I love it! I now own a piece of Blockhead Art! And I can say, I new her when!

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Anonymous said...

I am jealous.. I did not know her name was Marion.. I always just thought it was Blockhead!!! I love that shelf.. I am going to have to go purchase something from her one day. I like work from artist I know. Marion..HHmm I swear I just always thought Blockhead!!!