Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Junkin Monday
Since it was MLK Day, only one thrift store in Oneonta was open,
So I am going to go another way today.
JOY is my word for the year.
So far it has been hard to find JOY.
But I am trying.
I really am.
I have placed the word around the house and the shop.
( thanks Barbara June for them)
Hoping that the reminder will help.
I am not unhappy.
I have JOY.
But  January is not a good month for me.
I think I suffer from alittle depression.
But I wont let it get me down.
I fight it all the way.
So Happy Tuesday and find JOY in something today.

1 comment:

Blake said...

Mama J. you know this has been a really hard month for ALOT of people. I pray it gets better for you and others who are having a tough time. I often think God has a great wisdom for us in these times. If we were happy all the time we wouldn't know it, it would be the norm......big hugs