Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, it is all over but the packing up. Christmas was more relaxing this year. And I enjoyed it more. But with that said I am moving on. On to a New year, a new start, to organizing and taking back out house and life. I want to organize my whole house, I want to take better picture, maybe take a few everyday, of anything and everything, After all, I can delete. I am always going to go back on a diet and lose more weight. I want to organize and clean out the basement. I have furniture in there we bought several years ago and it just needs painted or cleaned up. I want to start a art journal again this year. I even ask and got water colors for Christmas. I need to pick my WORD for the year.  So I have  a week to decide. On and by the way........Jennifer Tidwell the picture is for you......LOL

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jennifer said...

L!O!L! Love it! I love the determination that you have to make changes in the new year. Right now, I can't think beyond how to get me Christmas stuff put up by the new year knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow (working for Bryan now - desk and all). A word of the year though... I could do that too. I'll be thinking :)

Love ya Jerri!