Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out on the Porch
Come sit with me out on the porch in early morn,
And watch a new day struggle to be born.
A tinge of orange upon horizon's breast
And stars now tired--flicker low and rest.
Look through dark leaves to lighter skies in space, At patterns that resemble finest lace.
So quiet hear the beating of our hearts
As slowly day arrives--and night departs.
The moon now pale high in the sky,
Watch morning birds as they begin to fly.
Tranquility abounds, air crystal clear,
A moment stopped in time, devoid of fear.
To feel the warmth of rising sun,
Another day for us begun.
Reach out your hand for me to hold.
Together, watch this day unfold.
--Written by Patrick Joseph Hubauer


Marian Baker said...

Cute!! Less is more (lol) and a lot less hassle!! sorry I havent been by the shop.. just busy, busy!!

Marian Baker said...

I love that porch! NICE!!