Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cause I am a Junker at heart, I had to show you this. I borrowed this picture from Sassytrash. So now I am on the hunt for lampshade frames. It looks like it would fit right in my shop. And the last few yard sales and estate sales I have been to, I have found beautiful shiny bright ornament's. And yesterday I found a treasure, so I will take my camera and show it off tomorrow.

I am counting down the day till the Worlds Longest Yard Sale. Only 9 days till the big show. We will close the shop from Wednesday thur Saturday. But I will be back open on Tuesday will a bunch new goodies, or I hope.

Happy Tuesday!

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jennifer said...

Very "Jerri"! The only thing I would change is make the ribbons that hang the ornaments more varying in length. It would fill the open spaces better I think? Regardless it is an awesome idea!

You lucky lucky woman - I told Bryan the other day that I would SO love to do the yard sale. One day maybe...