Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Friday we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. If blogger would let me up load pictures I could show you the flowers my hubby sent me. Or I could show you the picture of us at Top of the River, enjoying a great fish dinner. Or the Arts and craft show we went to in Cave Springs Georgia, on Sunday. The little community has a COOL cave and a stream that flows from the COOL cave with COOL water. It was in the 90's so COOL air was what we needed. We are still dealing with a cloudy pool and I am so ready to get in the pool but I want to see the bottom. So I am waiting......Monday I went to the doctor for my monthly check up and I lost 6 lbs. So off to walk I go again this morning, lets see if I can do it again this month... This weekend is fathers day and I have no idea what to get Terry or my dad. If they want it, they go get it. So once again I am at a loss. I shouldn't make such a big deal about it but I do.....Have a GOOD WEEK MY FRIENDS!

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Marian Baker said...

Are you sure thats your husban??