Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vendor Spotlight- Larry
Larry has been with me for quite awhile and has junkin in his blood. He moved in after "The Lobby" closed. He is a retired teacher and now is more busy than he was before he retired. He keeps his grandchildren, tutors math, is in a band, he helps at a accounts office and this was just last week. I want to ask for you to lift Larry up and say a prayer for him. He will be going through some treatment the next few months. He has been a great vendor and now I am honored to say my friend.

Larry has furniture in his booth but the camera woman didn't take any pic of it. So today I will show you his let of bed pans, great for planting flowers as well as the obvious. Larry likes boxes and brings in all kinds. So if this is your taste stop by and see us.

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