Thursday, February 04, 2010

Welcome me to the world of a C-Pap.

I slept for the first night with this mask.

I feel like a freak, and I was afraid for Hubby's live to ask him how I looked, or look in a mirrow.

So I just imagined I looked like this...

These are mask for children to take breathing treatments.
Grandson #3 had to take one recently and he was so cute.
His was a frog.
So maybe if they want me to wear this mask, they could put a pink crown on it, or have colors, I would choose turquoise, with brown polka dots.
At least if I thought I looked good, it might make me feel better.

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Anna said...

Those breathing treatment masks are so cute. I love it when the medical community "gets it" and comes up with ways to make treatments fun or at least less scary for kids. Don't worry about how you look, the treatment is the most important thing. I wish I could get Don to do it - I really worry about the way he breathes in his sleep.