Friday, September 18, 2009

Can you believe September is almost over.
And only a week until the Retreat.
I am working on last minute details,
and my mind is going in ten different directions.
Kinda like these canisters, I need to get my events all in a row.
I am a note taker, planner, it all has to be written down, completed and checked off.
Why is the fall such a busy time for me?
I have a birthday party here first of October, brothers birthday too,
Sale Event at the shop October 5th, doctors appointment, dentist appointment, mother in law having surgery, 2 sewing classes at the shop, Carnival at church, Jerri's Jubilee in November, Grandsons want a carnival Birthday party in February, needs a lot of planning and hubby wants to take a mini vacation soon.
I think I will need it.
But this weekend nothing is planned,
I am going to enjoy it.

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