Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How many scrapbooking pages do you think you complete in a year?
I was thinking last night about this, I know my creativity comes in limited doses. I completed 10 or more pages during Christmas and New Years. And only 2 since then. When I go to crops, I only get a few completed, if any. It is the fellowship, I go for.
I came across a Blog, where her goal was 52 pages in a year, that"s just one a week. Or was they 2-page layouts?
Could I do this?
A set each week.
Well, I am willing to give it a try.
It seems I have once again added a challenge to this blog.
Have a good week!
*side note*
Picture is of the Journal goodie bag made for Jerri's Junque. They still lay on my table and has yet been packaged and added to the store inventory.
Starting classes tonight at the shop.
Been cleaning out and re arranging, new year , new start.
Classes will now be every 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights.
With a few Crops in between for fellowship.

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