Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My baby turned 27 yesterday. And it went by, very quite. I think she has inherited the " It is my birthday and I want it this way or I am going to cry" attitude. I went and got the boys so she could have a night alone and have her pitty party. I know this will not make her feel any better. Let's just say I know first hand. The things I have handed down to my daughter, god forgive me.
The boys on the other hand, the baby would not get out of my arms the whole time I was at the house. He was going to make sure I was not leaving him , this time. But when we got home and all situated he cried and wined for the longest time. I told him, if he did not stop I was going to trade him in on a baby that did not wine so much. Malik did not like this, he is such the protector. He would hold him when he cried and try to make it all better. He would even stop eating dinner and go get him something. I tried to tell him that I would get it, but he went on. He got out of bed last night when the baby cried to tell me he was crying. He just doesn't want him to cry. Well, I have news for you, this child is going to be a crying one. Gotta love em.
Happy Tuesday!

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